S system safety nets


Unlike other types of safety nets EN ISO 1263 (V, T system), in the case of the S system safety nets, the safety element are the nets themselves. We use certified tie ropes to fix the nets to the structure and, also to connect the nets together. S type safety nets are usually tailor made according to given dimensions. As a means of collective protection equipment (CPE), it is the best solution to prevent falls from height.

S system safety nets use

Safety nets EN 1263 type S are intended for:

  • securing people during roofing works,
  • works on frame structures of warehouses,
  • securing openings in building ceilings
  • fall protection during the construction of bridges and viaducts.

The primary purpose of using the EN 1263 S system safety nets is to prevent people working at height from falling. AITANA SAFETY recommends using S type safety nets with square meshes (Q). This greatly facilitates the process of installing the nets on the construction site. Better connection of nets modules and better closing of openings on the construction site.

Despite the fact that the EN ISO 1263-2 European standard allows the installation of the S type safety net up to a height not exceeding 6 meters from the working level, S type safety nets should be placed as high as possible on the working level in order to minimize the length of fall.

Legal basis - European standard EN ISO 1263

S system safety nets should meet all the requirements of EN ISO 1263-1 European standard. We recommend always buying safety nets certified by an independent notified body.

S type safety nets should include in the label information about:

  • producer,
  • date of production,
  • type of mesh in accordance with the EN ISO 1263-1,
  • minimal breaking load

In accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO 1263-1 European standard, S type safety nets have 3 patches with an identification number. They allow us to determine the condition of a net without the need to dismantle it. In this way, the manufacturer can extend the shelf life of the nets after a positive result of the patch testing.

Please note that according to EN ISO 1263 European standard, S system safety nets should have a minimum area of 35 m2 and the smallest side greater than 5 m.

Certifying S type safety nets for skylights according to EN ISO 1263 – Mission impossible

In the case of S type safety nets, certification of small safety nets is almost impossible according to EN ISO 1263 European standard. Point 5.1 of the standard says that “In the case of installing S system safety nets, the area of the net should be at least 35 m2. In the case of rectangular nets, the length of the shorter side should be at least 5.0 m.”

According to this, due to the standard skylights dimensions, certifying safety nets based on EN ISO 1263 European standard is not possible. We must remember that during a fall from a height, S system safety nets must absorb the energy of the falling object. The sizes included in the European standard guarantees the required dynamic load strength of the net.

In the event of an accident, the use of small nets that do not comply with the EN ISO 1263 standard may result in an unfavorable legal assessment.

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Final conclusions

S system safety nets are the most effective solution for protection against falls from height. They are mainly used in the assembly of roofs of industrial warehouses. That’s why they are tailor made to given measure. Contrary to other types of nets EN ISO 1263, with S type safety nets, the safety element is the net itself.

If you want to read more about EN ISO 1263 safety nets as well as nets outside the scope of the standard, please read our guide.