Parapet guardrails


Parapet guardrails VECTACO® VA-VAD are an economical solution to secure edges roofs. A wide range of fixings available allows you to install VECTACO® safety railings to any type of parapet. VECTACO® safety railings are a structural element of a building. Therefore, they do not require annual inspections or training of roof users as traditional lifelines or anchor points EN ISO 795. In addition, as a collective protection equipment (CPE), we ensure a safety environment on the roof regardless of the employee’s approach to safety procedures.

Parapet guardrails uses

Parapet guardrails VECTACO® VA-VAD can be fixed directly to the parapet from outside as well as on the inside parapet wall. Depending on whether the parapet is insulated or not, we will choose the proper fixing element.

Parapet guardrails

The VA model is designed for parapets without flashing cap and without insulation. The railing base is fixed directly to the parapet wall.

Parapet coping guardrails

If there is a cap flashing or a thin insulation layer on the parapet wall, then we use the standard VAD model with a 60mm offset. Depending on the need, we can even distance the railing upright inside the building up to 116mm.

Parapet insulated support bracket VAD

If there is a thick insulating layer on the parapet wall, then we can use a special support bracket. This piece is tailor made depending on the thickness of the parapet wall insulation layer.

The greatest advantage of our parapet guardrails is how easy they are to assemble. That allows most of our customers to carry out the installation themselves. Our technical department advises clients on how to perform the installation according to the PN EN 14122-3 standard.

Advantages of using parapet guardrails

  • is a very economical solution to secure roof edges
  • the employer is 100% sure that safety on the roof is always guaranteed regardless of the employee’s approach. Collective protective equipment (CPE). We ensure a safety environment on the roof regardless of the employee’s approach to safety procedures.
  • no maintenance cost of the fall protection system. Unlike traditional EN ISO 795 lifelines systems, freestanding guardrails are a “once and for all” investment that requires neither annual inspections nor training of roof users.
  • freedom of movement on the roof without limiting the number of users at once.
  • companies operating the equipment or performing works on the roof, as well as employees, do not need to have additional qualifications to work at height. Safety railings securing the roof edge are treated as a structural element of the building.
  • fixing kit ensure complete watertightness of parapet wall
  • short delivery time. Very quick and easy assembly.

Parapet guardrails made of aluminium

By installing VECTACO® aluminium railings, we avoid all maintenance costs that arise when using steel railings. Our standard raw aluminium finish ensures a C3 corrosion category. VECTACO® metal roof railings give a modern design to any building. 

Other finishes on request, such as anodized aluminium, thermal varnishing and matched to any RAL colour. Thermal varnishing (powder coating) is a process that ensures adequate protection of the aluminum railings coating.

Depending on the needs, we can install a standard straight upright or an inclined upright. The inclined upright is mainly intended for situations where the investor does not want the railing to be visible from the bottom of the building. Also in some situations, it can be useful to use a railing folding system.

Legal basis – European standard EN ISO 14122-3

European Directive 89/391/EEC, which lays down the principles of preventive action, prioritizes CPE over personal protective equipment (PPE). The regulations clearly state that lifeline safety systems and anchor points EN ISO 795 should only be used when it is not possible to use collective protection equipment, such as parapet guardrails.

Parapet guardrails are the most effective protection against falling from the roof. As a passive safety system, modular railings allow to secure roof edges without requiring any intervention of roof users. Safety on the roof is thus always guarantee, regardless of the employee’s approach to safety procedures.

VA-VAD VECTACO® safety railings are certified in accordance with the European standard EN ISO 14122-3 date December 2007 regarding safety of machinery – permanent means of access to machinery – part 3: stairs, stepladders and guardrails. According to this European standard, in the absence of a parapet or element on the edge to secure higher than 10 cm, we should install a toeboard.

Final conclusions

VECTACO® VA-VAD parapet guardrails are a means of collective protection equipment (CPE). Thanks to this, we exclude the employee’s decision to secure himself or not. It is a very economical solution to secure roof edges. In addition, safety railings for insulated parapets do not require annual inspections or training of roof users. In this way, they allow you to save a lot of money during the entire life of the building.

Thanks to the wide range of VECTACO® fixings, we can offer our customers the best option depending on the specifics of the project. Please contact us and we will send you an offer tailored to the needs of the project.

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