Parapet wall ladders VECTAWAY®




Parapet wall ladders VECTAWAY® are a must in modern industrial and residential roofing architecture. Crossing over parapet walls to access technical equipment on the roof should be comfortable and safe for roof users.

Our VECTAWAY® ladders have been specifically designed to ensure safe and convenient crossover over parapets on roofs of buildings or industrial facilities. They represent an ideal solution especially when the parapet height to cross is not too high. When the parapet height to overcome is greater or the width of the parapet wall or the obstacle to overcome does not allow the installation of parapet wall ladders, we recommend our customers installing our VECTAWAY® crossover ladders.

VECTAWAY® parapet wall ladders complies with European standard EN 14122-4.

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Our freestanding VECTAWAY® ladder model avoids any drilling into the roof membrane. Thanks to the 25 kg plastic counterweights (2 units x 12.5 Kg per post) attached to the device arms, the system is stable and able to carry the forces specified in the applicable legal provisions. Plastic counterweights and rubber pads guarantees complete watertightness of the roof.  The non-slip rungs (29x29mm) additionally ensure maximum safety when crossing a parapet wall. Distance between rungs 280 mm.

It is also possible to fix the ladders directly to the parapet wall by using specially designed adjustable brackets (from 214 to 470 mm). We offer different brackets intended for anchoring to both concrete and trapezoidal sheet metal.

Why is it worth to secure a parapet crossover with VECTAWAY® ladders?

VECTAWAY® parapet wall ladders are made of 6063 (T5) aluminium with an excellent finish. The standard raw aluminium finish ensures a C3 corrosion category. Other finishes on request, such as anodized aluminium, thermal varnishing and matched to any RAL colour. They do not require any special maintenance (lifetime of more than 30 years). It is a one-time investment.

VECTAWAY® ladders are a lightweight device that does not represent any load on the roof, which is very important when we are talking about lightweight roofs with very low load-bearing capacity. In the case of ladders fixed directly to the parapet wall, the total weight is only about 40 kg.

Because our parapet wall ladders are designed as a modular structure, the assembly of them is quite simple. VECTAWAY® ladders assembling consist of joining ready-made elements and screwing them together in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Installation takes less than 10 minutes (2 people). Most customers do their own assembly. This saves time and installation costs.

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