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Protection netting is a general term mainly applied to nets manufactured from polyamide or high-strength polypropylene. Depending on the areas of use and technical parameters, these types of nets are called: sports nets, construction nets, industrial nets or safety nets. Protective nets are manufactured according to specified dimensions and the ropes and meshes used depend on the customer’s needs or on the manner and place of use.


In terms of the raw material used to manufacture protection netting, we can find nets manufactured from:

  • polyamide: its greatest advantage is that it is a very strong material. At the same time, thanks to its elasticity, it absorbs energy very gently. These are knotted nets.
  • high-strength polypropylene: the main advantage of this type of fibre is that it does not absorb water, which is important in rainy countries. It is highly resistant to UV radiation and to both low and high temperatures. In addition, its specific weight is very low, which makes safety nets manufactured from this material lighter than nets manufactured from polyamides.  In addition, compared to nets manufactured from polyamides, their lifetime is longer. These nets are knotless, which makes them stronger, more durable and more resistant to tearing.

Depending on the way and place of use of the protection netting, we find:

  • safety nets for industry: mainly used against falling objects from a height on industrial facilities. As an example of their functionality, in the case of logistic warehouses assembled from high racks, storage nets are the best protection for the folded goods as well as for employees.
  • protection netting for goods transport: they protect goods during both land transport (road and rail) and air transport (planes and helicopters). They are becoming more and more popular due to their durability and very easy assembly. Depending on the conditions of use and the type of transported cargo, they are tailor-made according to the given dimensions.
  • fishing nets
  • protection netting for agriculture: these are nets securing against damage to crops by starlings and other species of birds.
  • sports nets: used in schools, public sports facilities, private residences and professional sports clubs. Available in various colours, knotted or knotless. They are very durable, especially in difficult weather conditions.
  • Ball nets for fencing sports fields, golf courses and ski slopes.
  • Construction netting: used to protect both people and objects from falling from a height. Construction protection netting complies with the European standard EN 1263. The above standard defines the requirements related to their production, testing procedures and assembly. The EN 1263 standard defines four different safety systems based on protection netting.

If you want to learn more about protective netting, we encourage you to read our full guide on this subject.

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