Metal roof fall protection



Metal roof fall protection ensures SDW stainless steel anchorage point by GRÜN. SDW anchor point (models 1 and 2) has been certified and tested in accordance with the European standard EN 795: 2012 as Class A. Designed for installation on metal trapezoidal cladding or sandwich roofing, SDW  device provides fall protection for one user at once. To improve user’s mobility, a stainless steel swivel eye bolt attached to the base of the device, rotates 360°.

When should we use metal roof fall protection devices as SDW anchor points?

SDW fall arrest device is intended to provide an anchor point on metal roofs where fasten personal protective equipment (PPE). SDW is a kit consisting of a mounting plate and a swivel eye bolt attached to the base of the device. All components are made of stainless steel, which guarantees the corrosion resistance of the metal roof fall protection system.

We can only install the SDW fall arrest device on trapezoidal sheet roofs with ledge spacing between 183 and 333 mm. The metal sheet thickness must be at least 0.55 mm. Mounting is possible thanks to drilled fasteners with EPDM sealing washers supplied by the manufacturer (16 pcs.). Specially designed screwing guarantees perfect watertightness of the roof.

Legal basis – European standard EN 795

Metal roof fall protection SDW has been certified and tested in accordance with European standard EN 795: 2012 as Class A.

Council Directive 89/391/EEC, defining preventive action principles, prioritizes collective protection equipment (CPE) over personal protective equipment (PPE). Legal provisions clearly state that roof anchoring devices certified according to EN ISO 795 standard, should only be used when it is not possible to install collective protection equipment (CPE) such as roof railings or safety nets.

The legal approach is very simple. In the case of lifelines and anchor points EN 795, safety depends on the roof user’s approach and ability to use specialised mountaineering equipment. In the case of CPE safety systems, no user action is required. That is the reason why, the safety legal provisions gives always priority to this collective protection equipment (CPE).

If you want to read more about anchor points certified in accordance with the EN ISO 795 standard, please just read our guide.

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AITANA SAFETY started its activities in the field of fall protection over 10 years ago. From the beginning of our activity, we have been promoting the use of collective protection systems. Thanks to our own engineering department, we design, deliver and assemble custom-made solutions ensuring safety work at heights.